Friday, August 29, 2008

Art Room Hiatus

Funny to just be writing-no new work to share. As some of you know my workroom has not been accessible these past few weeks. The contents of two bedrooms have been stuffed in my studio, as we struggle to paint, trim and refurbish the girls' deserted bedrooms. Company is coming the end of September-gotta have a nice room or two available. I have been wall papering the bathroom today. A nice organic design, distressed plaster-inset with tiles and beautiful leaves. There must be an ATC in that some where. I picked a new shade of green paint for the one bedroom-and realized it was dead on for Shabby Shutters in the Distress Ink line. See? I can't stop thinking of my art-but then we have proven time and again that all the colors and designs in our lives are integrated. Chuck and I viewed a lovely ten acre farm while we were in Ohio last week. It would make a great retirement project. There was a wonderful bank barn on the property-with its original slate roof in really good repair. The beams were all pegged-an example of skilled labor-more than a hundred years ago. Always fixing something-that's us. I suppose the day we run out of projects will be our last!

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Kimmie said...

I hope you show pictures of that wallpaper project! It sounds beautiful .... and I'm sure you're saving the scraps for some lovely work of art too :)