Monday, September 22, 2008

One of My Other Beautiful Creations and my Grand Doggie

This is my Oldest daughter Robyn-and her pup Sigmund i.e. Siggy-until he grows into his big boy name. We are a family of boxer lovers-Siggy is a white boxer. DH and I have 2 boxers a big white male named Gus and a little scrappy fawn female named Lucy. We have owned and loved other breeds of dogs, but boxers are a breed apart. They are playful and moody and needy and loving-they make me laugh every day. Although it hurts a lot to lose them-they are worth it. Haven't met Siggy in the flesh yet, but I am looking forward to more boxer wiggles and boxer kisses.


Anonymous said...

Siggie is wonderful, you have to love him! Your daughter is lovely,
really good work Suz!


Jan said...

Cuties, both!