Thursday, April 30, 2009

DD 1's BIrthday Gift

I have been packing up our household the last few weeks-little time for paper crafting. So I have been knitting again-and managed to finish and ship this sweater to Robyn for her 29th birthday. A little heavy for a May birthday-you might think. But she is headed to Alaska to work the cruise ships again this season. This is a Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown Pullover Tunic, knit in Hudson Valley Sheep wool in Gunstock. It looks very light in these pics, but is really midnight with the hand dyeing adding striations to it. It is knit in a slightly scratchy Shetland wool that will withstand a lot of heavy use. I lightly felted it to create a tight weatherproof knit. I like knitting for my family-I think of them wearing the stuff I make-and imagine it is a warm mama hug -thousands of miles away.


Anonymous said...

Oh Susie,
I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, this is so beautiful. I've never been a big Blue fan, but this is heart stoppingly gorgeous.
I can just picture you sitting and working on this, love and blessings in every stitch.
I do have one question, as an ignorant non-knitter, when you say you felted the sweater, does that mean you lined it with felt? She's going to love it. You're amazing!

Forgot my password (rolleyes)

Nancy said...

Sue this is gorgeous, she will sure appreciate the warmth on those cruises :)

Jan said...

Very smart doing the felting to make it warmer!!!I am sure she loved it. My Mom was a knitter and I still feel her hugs when I wear stuff she made.