Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

I could not WAIT for my dear chickens to start laying eggs. SO now we get as many as 11 a day-which is awesome! I love going into the hen house-the girls all race out into the yard-they can't wait to get out. I get to gather the still warm, incredibly beautiful brown eggs. If some one is still in a nest, they are making cute little chuckling noises. OK. Now my fridge is full of eggs-all sizes, all lovely shades of brown. But lots and lots of eggs. I am in pursuit of some great egg recipes-I'll try anything. Tonight's Breakfast for Supper was from the new Rachel Ray magazine: Puffy Pancake with Nutty Banana Butterscotch. Not your lowfat version-but it used 6 eggs-the recipe called for 5-I snuck an extra pullet egg in.There is one of the perpetrators now-Olive was pecking at the back door-begging for a treat on the back deck. She is making her get-a-way. Send me your favorite egg recipe! Olive needs the work.

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Nancy said...

Sounds and looks yummy :) I love chickens--actually all animals!
I watch Rr EVERY morning :)