Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The amaryllis bulbs are blooming! What a lot of bang for your buck, when you buy those mysterious big bulbs. Note that the full red bulb is slightly behind-but provides a progression of flowers for weeks.

The Winter Solstice Fire
Three years ago today, we got a phone call. A poor abused little boxer needed an immediate home. She was quite young, but had already had one or two litters of pups. She lived under a mobile home, had a raging ear infection, and was severely underweight. When we went to meet her-she could still whip that tail back and fourth when you spoke to her. Wait! A TAIL! We had never seen a boxer tail before! She needed an immediate home, as the dog catcher wanted her out of the system before her abusive owner could reclaim her. We took her home, stopping on the way for extra calorie food, gentle shampoo and some special treats. After her clean up, she curled up next to the Christmas tree, clean, but so weak she just slept for hours! We worried. We argued over names. She was so emaciated-her bones clicked. I lobbied for "Cindy Lou Hoo" as the vet had said the poor little girl-was no more than two. I was over ruled. We discovered that at one time , St Lucia was celebrated at the Winter Solstice. S0 "Lucia" was the winner. Soon to become "Lucy! You've got some 'splaining to do!" The next day she discovered a basket of dog toys behind a chair. Her amazement at the riches she had discovered, had us lying on the floor crying as she took each treasure out and examined it. She had to often stop, and have a nap, she was so weak. Needless to say this story has a happy ending. These days, she is the queen of 4 acres. She has a wardrobe of sweaters, sweatshirts, storm coats-as she never wants to be cold again. She has two humans, trained to fill the bowl at a whimper. She has a silly big brother to run with. She sleeps in fleece jammies under the quilt with her head on Da's shoulder and her cold feet on mama. Life is good. And she is patiently waiting for Santa to come.
Celebrate Lucy!


Nancy said...

I Love Lucy :) she is so lucky to have found such an awesome family :) and bless you for doing it!

:: Lindy :: said...

Your story about Lucy made me cry from sadness AND gladness! She certainly is blessed to have such a wonderful Mama and Daddy that provide for her!