Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Last Big Push...

I did the impossible today, I got up off my sick sofa and did the last of the Christmas purchasing. My daughter drove me to the closest bigger town, and we went to Walmart, Aldi's, the Harley store and Buehler's (an upscale grocery). I purchased beer, egg nog,beer, chips, fish, beer, shrimp, oranges, beer, Clemantines, tape, red and green tortilla chips, NFL wear, beer, Harley clothing, chocolates and stocking stuffers. My husband wrote my shopping list, because I was really too icky feeling to think much. I did enjoy the ornaments at Walmart-lots of glittery goodness.  I think. It might have been the decongestant. I had a long winters nap when I got home. So the Piper and daughter had to put all the groceries/beer away, and they claimed they didn't peek in any of the bags that looked like they might contain presents. I hope none of the Christmas Eve fish was under thermal tees and gummy bears. I plan on feeling better really soon, because I need to knit 4 pairs of Cleveland Browns mittens and another Nordic hat-before the big day. I expect my eyes will be uncrossed by then. I really hate being sick, and I really, really hate being sick just before Christmas. I love eggnog, and it just refuses to stay where I put it. Nuff said. Knit on!

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