Friday, July 12, 2013

Power DOWN

Ohio was visited by some weird and wonderful weather last Wednesday. One minute the tornado warning came over the cell phone, the next the winds and rain came, the next minute the power was OUT.  Not only was it OUT, but it would not return until early Friday morning. Not nearly as catastrophic  as the hurricanes that regularly bother the coast, but scary just the same. Now, the Piper and I like power down. Stop throwing stuff at me! We really enjoy the quiet, the simple, the peacefulness----until the neighbor gets a hold of a generator. Now, we too, have a generator-we run it for two hours after supper to keep our chest freezer ice cold. Our neighbors ran their generator-ALL NIGHT LONG. Even my first hot shower in three days has not mellowed my outrage. I love the quiet peacefulness of power down. Weird, I know.

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