Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Messy Life

I read an article the other day in a lady's magazine. You know the kind of magazine-it touts perfection and creativity in every aspect of your housewifely enterprises. And I was just about convinced that I could turn out a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with little autumn leaves cut from pastry all around the crust. Yeah, I could do that while living in the motor home. Not so much. Any way, one article had a byline of "I'm thankful for my messy life". A stay at home mom/journalist who makes herself cheery by thinking that she is grateful for having to wash dishes-because it means they have enough to eat etc... I thought "Nice sentiment" and continued to consider cutting tiny oak leaves from pastry dough.

A few days later, I was-butt in the air-kneeling in the kennel-cleaning up after 4 kittens that someone had dumped off at the house we are in the process of buying. Yep-4 scraggly, sickly, starving bundles of fleas, etc..We took them in-thinking to make them healthy-then pass them off to the local shelter with a nice donation. Stop right there! All the shelters are over flowing with animals abandoned by home owners who have lost their houses, or those who can't handle additional bills in this monetary climate. So, after looking at the local bulletin boards-already plastered with pictures of kittens "Free to a good home". We decided to keep the little buggers. Now, you all know I am a dog person-my boxers really are my furbabies. And we already house a cat that is elderly, and can't follow DD2 to college, and a cat that hates me from my mother-who was placed in a home. So this Thanksgiving, finds us living in a motor home with 2 dogs and six cats. I am getting around to being grateful-just hang on! I realized as I was cleaning up a kitten mess of litter, food, vomit and little kitty deposits-that I was grateful for the kittens. To watch rescue animals slowly learn to trust, to fill out, to become fluffy little mischievous kittens is truly something to be thankful for. They love me-unconditionally. That is a really wonderful thing.... Will post kitten pictures whenever I reunite the camera with the recharger and the download cord-I think some parts are in Ohio-others in NY. But my life is MY MESS, and I am grateful for it.


Kimmie said...

messes -good
perfection - bad

I'm with you on this one - the perfect lives all look so good from the pages of a magazine ..... but the little messes all around me mean that I'm not alone. And even if I were alone, I'd still have messes here and there just cuz there's interesting things to try to create :)

cheers friend

parknslide said...

My middle initial is "M" for messy. So you're becoming a catlady? How fun! Would love to see some pictures. Miss you on SCS---hope you get settled soon.

Nancy said...

What a great thing you are doing, I love cats (all animals)!
I'm sure they are really grateful too--who cares about a little mess :)

Vena said...

That's so touching. Guess they are all cats now! I did similar thing - pull 7 near dead kittens out of broiling dumpster two summers ago - no shelter or vet would take them so I kept them until they were old enough to spray (all boys!) Figured I could feed 3 (have 5 dogs already) so chose the cleanest ones (litter box users) and took rest to pound. Cried all the way home. Love my three dearly - raised with dogs, they have no fear of dogs, and one sits up like a dog when I'm boning a chicken and passing out treats. :)