Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eskimo Kisses

This is the small tree in our great room. There is a roaring fireplace just to the left of it, so this is not a good room for a real tree. So I place this beautiful little pre-lit faux tree here.
Little known fact: my DH was born in the Territory of Alaska in 1953. Before Alaska became a state. No, he is not related to the Palins. His dad, pictured above ,was stationed in Alaska. They lived in a small trailer with out indoor facilities. DH was born in a quonset hut hospital-breech. No Kidding!
I put together this little tree using the "Frosty Friends" Hallmark ornaments my MIL has been gifting hubby with for 31 years. They all feature a little Eskimo boy with his dog, seal, penguins, whale,or bears. And they are a little heavy for a real tree-just fine on the faux tree. I added a bucket of ornaments from IKEA (last years). Then I red glittered a hand full of mini clothespins-and included childhood pics of hubby and family.
These are miniature muckluks that were his booties. Gotta keep them from the cats-they keep trying to kill them-again.
Just a close up of one of the sweet ornaments. The tree skirt is hubby's baby blanket-a thick wool plaid from England-a gift from a relative. You'd think DH would be thrilled-not so much. But I love my little tree.


Deb Moon said...

These photos are precious! What a wonderful tree. I also love the exposed beams of your ceiling and all the lovely photos of inside your home.

blesid said...

I was born in AK, thankfully long after it became a state! I loved your tree. It was very much a trip down memory lane. I need to go raid my dad's stash of Alaska stuff next year! I will click to follow you ... follow me back if you'd be so kind! Merry Christmas! Jules

Nancy said...

What a wonderful tree, great story!