Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tag IS a gift

A few years ago I started making tags for my Christmas presents. This was only possible because everyone grew up-and got only one or two gifts for Christmas. I offered someone a simple gift-done up in one of my gift bags with a tag, and apologized for the humbleness. They said: "But the tag is a gift too!" And promptly hung it on their Christmas tree. And hung it again the next year-adding the new season's tag. So the strategy this year was to take a pic from Hubby's childhood and make tags for his family and our children. I found this adorable picture of him with his siblings-he is the BIG brother. It is printed on printer ready fabric and stitched to felt. I tried to compose a whole 1960's vibe with color and ric rac and bottle caps and glitter!
I then jumped on the ruffle craze-who would have thought?!?!?! I have jugs and jugs of strips of cloth-I am a string quilter. The strips are from quilting classed I taught-and saved the good trimmings from the trash. I had a friend who worked in a quilt store, who saved all the bits from straightening the grain. So I ruffled and pleated and hot glued and used a Christmas paper doily. So the gifts this year, because of our new circumstances are humble. But the wrapping? That's from the heart!
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Deb Moon said...

Are you kidding me!? This is wonderful!