Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter at Foxfire Hollow

We didn't set out to be a hobby farm. We're older, and a little tired of taking care of things. But, the universe had different ideas for us. And I'm glad.The two gentlemen in my life: Gentleman Jones and Chuck.

And Elvis Too is in the house-the hen house that is. Flashy fellow that he is.

And my new girl friends, okay it is a gratuitous shot of hen butts. Reminds me of those ruffled panties I wore (and not happily) when I was a little girl.

More snow is expected-for 3 1/2 days. So we have made sure there is feed for everyone. Really, we had to get eggnog and rum. C has overfilled the wood box. The heaters are turned on in everyone's water bowls. Fortunately, the eggnog will not freeze with that much alcohol in it...

My advice: get yourself some chickens, and a thoroughbred who thinks he is the family dog, a handsome husband, and lots of eggnog...

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Nancy said...

Looks and sounds like everything is ready for a wonderful holiday season :)