Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decking the Halls-con't

This is a simple arrangement on the coffee table. I try to make my vignettes on trays and platters. That way, if we want to put out cheese and crackers or play a game, I can pick up my arrangement and set it aside. Makes dusting (wait-who DOES that?) easier also.
Okay, here is the family's dirty little secret-we LOVE the Grinch. I was pleased to find this Grinch Green tree in town. The skirt is a doily from the Dollar Store.
This is my dining buffet. The glass hurricanes were a great buy from QVC. The candles are on timers, this is the third collection of goodies I've displayed in them. They have a lovely bubble texture to them. The little floral arrangement is raised on a glass candlestick.

And this little vignette is in the kitchen. I made the banner from recycled cereal and cracker boxes. The trees, alas, are not quite finished. Hey I have two weeks to get them done. Well, two weeks minus a day.

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Deb Moon said...

Your home is so warm and inviting. I want to plop right down on that couch and sip some of that egg nog. You've been a busy girl. Everything looks wonderful. -- But that banner is really something! High five on such a great recycling project! I love it!