Friday, April 1, 2011

On This Night

I am taking a class called Mixed Media Workshop online at My Creative Classroom. It is a four week class taught by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. I completed my first assignment this morning. I have started trying to fill the wall in our corner den with a bit of my art work, and this is the second of 12 planned canvases. I am trying to chronicle the first year of our big upheaval and remake of our lives. We moved from a nice town on the Hudson River in NY to a very small Ohio town. We bought a silly contemporary modern house, buried in 4 acres of trees. This canvas commemorates the wonder of the first night spent in this house. We moved from a small raised ranch to a house with soaring ceilings,stone fireplaces and two story windows. There are more windows than walls! Anyway, on the first night we slept on the floor in the den on a pile of scavenged blankets-my husband my daughter and me. It was a full moon, very auspicious, and we were mesmorized by the silvery moonlight behind the soaring trees. We cannot forget that night! It was truly magical.


Nancy said...

Sounds just like my kind of house :) There can never be too many windows! I bought my place because of all the windows--I wanted to see the sky :) the sunrises/sets and the moon!How magical can one get :)
BTW, love your canvas!

P.J.R said...

I am also a replanted stamper.I moved from a little dinky town in Ohio to a huge cold town in MI.I miss OH and little towns have their own charm and information delivery system...if your kid gets in trouble at school you hear about it before the end of the day LOL LOVE your blog--come and vist me at