Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ten Tasks in Ten Days

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1. Plant the herbs.
2. Clean the front closet.
3. Paint the chairs for the studio.
4. Clean the back deck.
5. Bath the dogs and put on their flea products.
6. Load up the new cupboards in the den.
7. De clutter and rearrange the double fireplace.
8. Decide on a color and paint my bathroom.
9. Scrub all the steps with the carpet cleaner-yuck.
10. Plant the perennials we bought today.
11. Make the buffet up with 4Th of July stuff.
12. Wash the bedroom windows-all that dog snot.
13. Get the owl print framed.
14. Re-arrange the shadow boxes and hang them in the dining room.
15. Clean off the stairs.

So I've picked 15 things to choose from. Hopefully, at least ten will get done.


Renegades said...

I also had painting the bathroom on my list. I'm so glad it's checked off. Good luck to you painting yours.

Cha Cha said...

I hope you planted the flowers, haha. Thanks for linking up and helping me to stay inspired. I can't wait to see what you have gotten done.

Cha Cha

blorriepoes said...

make sure to post the results soon!
cant wait!

Nancy said...

I like your projects list and I went to the site. This is just the inspiration (kick in the but) that I need to get back to my projects jar--I haven't done anything from it for slightly more than a month! If I can't get going, I will join this to make myself accountable :)