Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Really Have Been Busy

The strange condom shaped item with the owls on it-is larger than it looks in a pic-in fact it is newborn baby sized! It is a baby sack-something new since my parenting days. The newborn baby is carefully slipped into it-like we used to swaddle babies-but instant-and warm. As the baby grows it becomes a "kick sack"-it is put on the babe up to the waist-the active kiddo cannot kick this blanket off. Interesting concept. I knitted 2 1/2 pairs of socks also. This pair is finished, and I have an ugly but serviceable pair on my feet. I also swapped 8 of these pennants with my Meerkat friends and 10 postcards. I've been too busy to share.


Susan T said...

Oh my gosh - love that baby sack - have never seen one before. And you already know how much I adore your pennants.

Phyllis said...

Having your pennants in my hot little hands has been so much fun. The one at the bottom has the most luscious flowers, my Mom used to call that color Ashes of Rose. Gorgeous!