Sunday, February 5, 2012

The SUper Bowl and Instant Chili

I asked my Darlin' which he would prefer to eat during the Super Bowl-chili or burritos. He took a good long time to consider this question-as his second favorite team- the Giants were playing. He announced it would be chili. I call this "Instant Chili"-because the labor expended today was minimal. It did take the farmer a good long time to raise this delicious grass fed beef. And it took my mother in law all summer to grow some bodacious tomatoes. And on last September 1st I spent a long, steamy day, processing those tomatoes into "Chili Base". SO that on Super Bowl Sunday I could defrost two pounds of beautiful ground beef, fry it up in my grandma's iron pot, dump 2 quarts of chili base on it, then open and rinse 4 cans of dark kidney beans and dump those in-and we would have instant chili. I still had time to make a pan of organic corn bread with our own eggs. SO that is today's thoughts on "instant" foods...I gotta go watch pre-game-I plan to get a lot of knitting done-'cause the chili was "instant".

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Pete said...

Hello Susie,

That sounds like pretty good chilli to me. My idea of instant chilli is to open can, poor into pan, heat and eat.