Thursday, November 15, 2012

Antique Patterns

I have several of my gramma's aprons. Some are crisp and new, some so soft and worn they are almost sheer.  Some are made from feed sacks, some from fabric that she probably paid a nickle a yard. There is a recurrent pattern though . A  softly curved neck piece with bias tape over the seam, a scalloped hem covered in the same bias. This pattern could be cut from the readily available chicken feed sacks, with a bit of solid fabric purchased at the the coal company store.  I found the new version of this pattern at the fabric store and started making aprons for my Etsy shop and craft shows. It is the most popular style I make. Who knew? Yes, ladies like my new one with the sweetheart neckline,flattering fit and circle skirt. But still, most choose the tried and true 1920's style.  It has great coverage-fits a huge range of sizes, and still wipes a kids snotty nose or nestles two dozen eggs when held by the hem.

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ParkNSlide said...

Reminds me of my Aunt Ellen's ceremonial Christmas cookie frosting apron. When I moved to Madison in 1991, I became the designated cookie froster. Aunt Ellen, in her 80's, made dozens of cookies for family and friends. I inherited the job as froster and had to wear the apron. The apron was tattered and worn and most likely dated back to the early 40's and I'm sure it evoked many memories of many happy years of Christmas baking.