Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let the Christmas Knitting Commence!

I admit it, I am a world behind in my Christmas knitting this year. Is it possible my friends and family will go mittenless? Hatless? Scarfless? Nah, that's why they make bulky yarn-big needles=little time. Sort of. Here is the second gift off the needles a cowl out of the book "Cowlgirls".

So I am off to buy more bulky yarn-gotta love Lion Brands Thick and Quick! The Piper is busy grinding out (no, really) his family's version of the traditional Cranberry Relish. My responsibility for SIL's dinner is sweet potatoes-I make them with pecans and maple syrup, but this year I will whip them up (no.really) with walnuts and DD1's super tasty homemade hickory syrup. Nuff said
I'm off to yarn shop.

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