Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do crafters go apronless?

I was busily adding new stock to my Etsy store this morning, when I had an errant thought. I do not own a single apron that I have made! I have antique aprons from my grandma and yard sales. I have aprons purchased at Home Goods or Marshalls. I have aprons given to me by my daughters and family. But I don;t own a single apron that I made, and I have made 70 aprons since the summer! So here are a few of my new aprons that I really, really like. And maybe they won't sell. Would I rather have the money for more fabric or keep them for myself?
This may be my favorite-made from a fat quarter and a half yard piece of fabric
that may have languished in my stash for 10 years.
I love this elephant print-the colors the BIG print-and what else would you do with a print that large? There are two of these babies. I might get one.

See these and other fun aprons at my Etsy Store:


ParkNSlide said...

I know what you mean---I give away most of the cards that I make instead of keeping a stash for myself. The ladybug apron looks like a keeper.

Off topic, but Hedy bought the Fall 2012 copy of Stampington's "Haute Handbags" and there is a purse in the magazine using the same chicken feed bag that you used for your totes.

menopausal mama said...

The elephant print apron is ADORABLE!!!! It's so cute I'd hate to get spills from cooking on it! Following you back via GFC Thanks for sharing!